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Know Your Ovaries, Know Your Risk

ovarian cancer

Written by SMH Genetic Counselor Nicole Wood As we go through life, and visit this doctor or that doctor, one message is constant: Stay up to date on your cancer screenings. Whether its mammograms or colonoscopies, you regularly hear how important these routine screenings are in detecting things at early stages. But when it comes… Read more »

Trust Your Gut: The GI Cancer-Genetics Connection

Colon Cancer Lynch

Written by SMH Certified Genetic Counselor Nicole Wood Did you know that according to the American Cancer Society, more than 135,000 cases of gastrointestinal (GI) cancers are diagnosed each year in the US? While the average age of diagnosis is around 67, recent studies show that diagnoses are becoming increasingly common in people under age… Read more »

Cancer & Caregiving: Tips to Thrive


Written by SMH Cancer Care Counselor Elizabeth Bornstein Last year, 15.5 million people in the U.S. were living with cancer. This year, another 1,688,780 people will be diagnosed, according to the American Cancer Society. Many of these cancer patients will, at some point, come to depend on the care and support of a trusted family… Read more »

Catching Lung Cancer Early Saves Lives

Lung cancer

By SMH Lung Cancer Screening Coordinator Amie Miller Screening and early detection save lives. Does that sound familiar? You no doubt heard that often during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. But did you know that the same can be said for many other diseases as well? For example: Lung cancer can also be detected… Read more »

Custom Cancer Care: One Survivor’s Story

Doni Schaefer

Doni Schaefer isn’t your typical breast cancer patient. When her cancer was detected in the summer of 2015, it was neither early stage, nor the kind that responds well to standardized chemotherapy regimens. Hers was a fast-growing aggressive subtype known as HER2. The unfavorable biomarker, found in 15 to 20 percent of breast cancers, signals… Read more »

Lung Cancer Screening Could Save Your Life

lung cancer screening

By SMH Lung Cancer Screening Coordinator Amie Miller, ARNP Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in America, and worldwide. In the US, someone dies of lung cancer every 3 minutes, according to the American Cancer Society.

Ask an Expert: Oncology Nurse Navigators

nurse patient cancer

Welcome to “Ask an Expert,” a Q&A series with Sarasota Memorial’s doctors, nurses, and other health experts, where you can get thorough answers to your health and wellness queries from a local source you can trust. Have a medical- or wellness-related question that you’d like to “Ask an Expert”? Email them to When faced… Read more »

Can DNA Predict Your Cancer Risk?

By Nicole Wood, SMH’s board-certified genetic counselor Cancer is one of the most common diseases we face today. About one in every two men—and one in three women—will get some form of cancer over the course of their lives. That means most families are directly impacted by the disease in some way. Has a family… Read more »