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Know Your Ovaries, Know Your Risk

ovarian cancer

Written by SMH Genetic Counselor Nicole Wood As we go through life, and visit this doctor or that doctor, one message is constant: Stay up to date on your cancer screenings. Whether its mammograms or colonoscopies, you regularly hear how important these routine screenings are in detecting things at early stages. But when it comes… Read more »

Practice Sun Safety Year-round in the Sunshine State

Summer Safety

Although it doesn’t feel like it yet, fall has arrived! Temperatures will eventually start to fall, but that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down when it comes to sun safety. Fall in the Sunshine State often means spending even more time outdoors—at farmer’s markets, festivals and sporting events—rather than hiding in the AC…. Read more »

Tips for Local Family Fun


By SMH Health Coach Roxanne Summerville With the kids out of school, now is the perfect time to find some ways to be physically active as a family to stave off the summer-time, couch-potato slump.

Diabetes: Know Your Risk


One out of every three American adults has prediabetes, and most of them don’t even know it. If you are age 45 or older, are overweight, and have a family history of Type 2 diabetes, or had diabetes while you were pregnant, then you have a higher risk of developing prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

Keeping Health Habits in Balance

We all know people who seem to overexercise or are obsessed with dieting — or maybe that describes us. For many people, moderation is the key to a healthy, happy life. After all, how much fun would it be if you swore off candy or cake forever, or if you always chose exercise over other activities and… Read more »

Solutions for Resolutions

What’s your 2017 resolution? HealthFit has your solution.

Mental Health Tips for the Holidays from the American Academy of Pediatrics

The holidays are a fun, exciting, and sometimes stressful time for most everyone, especially children. Busy weeks are filled with decorating and holiday shopping; celebrations and visiting with family and friends; and the anticipation of parties, presents and a magical new year.

Take a Break from the Holiday Stress!

Feeling frazzled from holiday to-dos and all of the hustle and bustle? During the next two weeks, stop by SMH for a special stress buster! Learn how to relax, decompress and enjoy a healthier holiday season.

The power of pumpkin

It’s fall and that means everything pumpkin! This time of year, you can pretty much find a pumpkin version of just about anything you like, but don’t be fooled by the pumpkin treats and coffees that are artificially flavored. While delicious, they don’t offer a lot of nutritional value.