Monthly Archives: May 2016

Center provides insulin pump support and training

Are you a diabetic patient who’s considering getting an insulin pump? Perhaps you’re a first -time pump user who would like extra support and help with the technology. Or, are you replacing an older pump with a newer, unfamiliar model? If you need help with selecting a pump or using your current device, Sarasota Memorial now offers a Regional… Read more »

Stay safe this hurricane season!

The 2016 hurricane season begins June 1. Now’s the time to plan ahead for the safety of your loved ones and home! Hurricane preparedness includes assessing your risks, thinking ahead about evacuation, taking steps to protect your house, updating your contact information, putting together or replenishing your disaster supply kit, and making plans to keep your… Read more »

Boating Safety This Summer

The usual boating list… Sun screen that is appropriate for your child’s age; Paba and Deet Free for infants 6 months-1year old. Reapply every 2 hours.  Children <6 months of age should not wear sunscreen, but instead wear protective clothing and be kept in the shade.   All children should wear eye protection.  Avoid the times… Read more »