Monthly Archives: November 2015

Safe Sleep and Car seats

There is a common misconception that infants SHOULD sleep in their car seats. This is untrue, however. What??? Car seats are meant to only carry the child while they’re in the car. If the infant falls asleep while in the car, that is great!!! High five mom on your stellar driving! Once in the house,… Read more »

Medicare Health Care Coverage – Know Your Options

From Aging Well Blogger, Kathleen Houseweart Just about everyone I know does a “happy dance” on their 65th birthday because it marks their eligibility for Medicare. Medicare is a health insurance program that we pay into during our working years. It provides health coverage for the majority of Americans over the age of 65. As… Read more »

Flu season is here – Get your shot!

You wake up and your muscles are sore and you have a terrible headache. Oh no…you can’t be sick? Your throat hurts, you’re coughing and your head is stuffy. Could it be the flu? Flu season typically takes place from October to May, with the peak in the U.S. between December and February. Don’t get caught this year!… Read more »

Healthy diet can start with small changes

Maintaining a healthy diet is a challenge for most of us! You don’t have to give your diet a complete overhaul to start seeing solid health benefits. Start with a few manageable changes. It may not seem like it, but incorporating even the smallest healthy behaviors, including increasing physical activity or eating healthier, into your daily… Read more »

HealthConnection – an innovative concept in interactive health and wellness

Sarasota Memorial recently unveiled an innovative concept in interactive health and wellness on the first floor of the hospital. The new HealthConnection combines community education with real-time resources for patients and families within the hospital walls. The prominent first floor location lends itself to visitability. The space is bright and open and houses the latest… Read more »