Monthly Archives: October 2015

Hip Healthy Swaddling

When done correctly swaddling can be an effective way to calm a fussy baby and promote sleep. Remember to keep the hips loose. Don’t swaddle baby too tightly or they may develop a problem with their hips known as hip dislocation or hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is an abnormal formation of the hip joint where… Read more »

Tips for a Spook-tacular Halloween!

Keep your ghosts and goblins safe this trick-or-treat season with these safety tips: • It’s fun to get into the spirit and have holiday décor outside, but if you’re expecting trick-or-treaters, make sure there’s a clear path to the door. Remember to place candlelit jack-o’-lanterns away from landings and doorsteps where costumes could brush against the… Read more »

Safe Sleep Awareness

Since 1992 the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended placing babies on their backs to sleep. The change from tummy sleeping decreased the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) rates by 50%. However, a number of sleep related deaths such as suffocation and entrapment have prompted the recommendations for a safe infant sleep environment, expanding the… Read more »

Movie, panel discussion tackle end-of-life topics

It can be very difficult to know how to begin a discussion with loved ones about their end-of-life decisions and preferences. In hope of spurring communication about this important topic, Tidewell Hospice and Sarasota Memorial are hosting a free screening of the award-winning documentary, Consider the Conversation, followed by a panel discussion. Don’t miss this moving and informative movie that opens the… Read more »

Breast cancer: Just the facts

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know… Not counting some kinds of skin cancer, breast cancer in the United States is: • The most common cancer in women, no matter your race or ethnicity. • The most common cause of death from cancer among Hispanic women. • The second most common cause… Read more »

Conversation with the Expert: Breast health screenings

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – The perfect time to get an update on all of the advanced technology in use today for breast health. Sarasota Memorial’s “Conversation with the Experts” series covers this important topic. Join Steven F. Merandi, MD, in an informative discussion of the benefits of 3D digital mammography and other breast… Read more »