Tips to Avoid Common Beach Safety Hazards

jellyfish sting
By SMH Trauma Coordinator Leeann Putney

How lucky are we to live near Siesta Key Beach, which Dr. Beach recently named the best in the United States? A trip to the beach should be fun, but there are some safety risks to consider. Taking a few easy precautions to avoid injury will ensure your beach days are always fun. (more…)

Tips for Caring for the Caregiver

By SMH Outpatient Care Coordinator Wanda Jackson

I had an “ah-ha” moment on a recent flight, where it occurred to me that being a loved one’s long-term caregiver requires learning to survive before you can thrive.

On that flight, I listened to the typical spiel about safety measures, advising us to first don our own oxygen mask before assisting children or others with their masks. And I thought, “Well, that just seems wrong! I want to help a child with their mask first.” But I realized that if I couldn’t get enough oxygen and passed out, I’d be of no use to a child or anyone else in need. (more…)

Ask an Expert: Weight-loss Surgery


Welcome to “Ask an Expert,” a Q&A series with Sarasota Memorial’s team of doctors, nurses, and other health experts, where you can get thorough answers to your health and wellness queries from a local source you can trust. Have a medical- or wellness-related question that you’d like to “Ask an Expert”? Email them to (more…)

Rehabilitation for Vision Problems?

vision rehabilitation, stroke
By SMH Occupational Therapist Cynthia Anderson

Vision is the most dominant of all the senses. It plays a significant role in our ability to navigate our environment safely and to complete daily living activities. Vision is important for balance, gait, and posture. Did you know that vision also plays a role in cognition and understanding language? (more…)

Inherited DNA and Personalized Medicine

By SMH Genetic Counselor Nicole Wood

When the human genetic code was cracked about 12 years ago, optimistic doctors envisioned a future where they would be able to find out everything they needed to give them foolproof, individualized, personalized medical care with one easy test. With this amazing discovery, many expected that cures for human diseases such as cancer and heart disease would be within our grasp—that we would be able to know one’s health history, current health status, and future health issues by examining their DNA.

Since then, we have developed a better understanding of the human genome. (more…)

Tips for Local Family Fun

By SMH Health Coach Roxanne Summerville

With the kids out of school, now is the perfect time to find some ways to be physically active as a family to stave off the summer-time, couch-potato slump. (more…)

Flying? Stay Healthy with These Tips

travel tips, summer vacation, flying

As area schools are closing their doors for the summer this week, many families are planning summer vacations. If your getaway includes air travel, be sure to check out these tips to help keep airport/airplane germs at bay. (more…)

Breast Cancer:
The Genetic Risk

By SMH Certified Genetic Counselor Nicole Wood

Cancer—especially breast cancer—often seems to run in families. This could be because the relatives share certain lifestyle habits, or because they live in the same area and have the same environmental exposures. Occasionally, though, the cancer can be inherited—a mutation in the genetic code that is passed down from generation to generation. (more…)

Celebrating Excellence

Sarasota Memorial kicked off Nurses’ Week May 6 – 12 with a special Nurse of Excellence Ceremony honoring the contributions of outstanding nurses, PCTs/MSTs, educators and leaders. (more…)